Custom suspenders, advantages with us

  • Exclusivity: We create an exclusive design just for you. Guarantee it will not be used again.
  • Size: We manufacture the size you need, everything is custom-made!
  • Material: Mixed fabric.
  • Quality control: Your customized suspenders will be produced in accordance with your expectations and requirements.
  • Production: Italy, Spain large quantities also in Asia with consistent quality (depending on quantity).
  • Minimum quantity: 100 pieces made to measure.
  • Price: Orders with us are usually cheaper, we produce ourselves.
  • Customer service: Real support from real people in your native language.
  • Production time: Approximately 30 days made to measure.

Custom-made suspenders are a traditional accessory that reappears in fashion time and time again, and can be both functional and stylish. There are a variety of materials and production methods from which suspenders can be made, and the option to have them made to measure provides a personalized option for the discerning customer.

Various materials and manufacturing methods of suspenders

A common material used for custom-made suspenders is leather, which is durable and offers a classic look. Other materials such as cotton, silk, polyester, and elastic fabrics are also often used for suspenders, depending on their purpose and style. Elastic suspenders offer greater flexibility and freedom of movement, while leather or cotton suspenders have a traditional and elegant appearance.

The production of suspenders can be done in various ways. Some suspenders are handmade, while others are made by machine. Handmade suspenders often have a unique quality and can be customized to the customer's request. Machine-made suspenders are often produced in larger quantities to meet customer demand.


Custom-made suspenders offer a personalized option for the discerning customer. They can be made in many different sizes, shapes, and materials and can be adorned with various closures, colors, and designs. An experienced tailor can tailor individual suspenders to the customer's body size and style, creating a unique and perfectly fitting solution.

In summary, custom-made suspenders offer a variety of materials and production methods to choose from, depending on purpose and style. Whether handmade or machine-made, made of leather or other materials, suspenders are a stylish and functional accessory that can be tailored to the customer's wishes to create a unique design.

Individual production is possible from 100 pieces. Contact us for more information, we also produce custom items for children! Get in touch with us using the provided form below.

Show off your personality with custom-made suspenders from Tie Solution GmbH.


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