Print ties with your logo or design, directly from our factory

  • Exclusivity: We produce an exclusive tie design just for you. Guarantee it will not be used elsewhere.
  • Size: We manufacture the size you need, everything is custom-made!
  • Material: Silk, polyester, cotton, blended fabrics.
  • Quality control: We print your ties using screen printing and digital printing methods in accordance with your expectations.
  • Production: Italy, Spain large quantities also in Asia with consistent quality (depending on quantity).
  • Minimum quantity: 50 pieces custom-made. 10 pieces embellished for stock items.
  • Price: Orders with us are usually cheaper, we produce ourselves.
  • Customer service: Real support from real people in your native language.
  • Production time: Approximately 14-30 days made to measure, 14 days for finished stock.

Print ties with personalized logo

There are various methods used for printing ties. Here are some of the most common methods for printed ties:

Printing ties using screen printing: Screen printing is one of the most common methods for printing ties. In this process, the ink is directly printed onto the surface of the tie (various materials possible). Each color of the design is applied using a separate printing stencil (screen), which is then printed onto the tie one by one. Your tie logo or design will appear elegant.

Print ties in digital printing

Printing ties with digital printing: With digital printing, the design is printed directly onto the selected material of the tie. This process allows for complex designs and fine details to be accurately and precisely reproduced. The advantage of digital printing is that there are no limitations in terms of the number of colors.

Printing ties with offset printing: Offset printing is an indirect printing process where the design is first printed onto a plate before being transferred onto the selected tie material. It is a precise printing process that allows for fine details and color gradients to be accurately reproduced.

For finished ties (stock items), we can use the following printing methods:

Printing ties using sublimation printing: With sublimation printing, the design is first printed onto a special transfer film and then transferred onto the tie using heat and pressure. This method is particularly well-suited for printing very detailed designs and photos onto ties.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, quality, and durability of the result. The choice of the right printing method depends on the desired design and the intended use of the tie. Some wholesalers also offer embroidered ties, but we recommend weaving ties instead.

From a minimum order quantity of only 50 pieces, we offer you individually printed ties made of pure silk and from 100 pieces we produce ties printed on any desired material. Contact us below with the provided form.

The perfect addition to your corporate branding - Print ties with Tie Solution.

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