Customized shooting ties with emblem or logo, directly from the manufacturer

  • Exclusivity: We create your shooting ties exclusively for you. Guarantee it will not be used elsewhere.
  • Size: We manufacture the size you need, everything is custom-made!
  • Material: Silk, polyester, mixed fabric.
  • Quality control: Your shooting ties will be produced in accordance with your expectations and requirements.
  • Production: Italy, Spain large quantities also in Asia with consistent quality (depending on quantity).
  • Minimum quantity: Custom-made from 50 pieces. 10 pieces finished for stock items.
  • Price: Orders with us are usually cheaper, we produce ourselves.
  • Customer service: Real support from real people in your native language.
  • Production time: Approximately 14-30 days made to measure, 14 days for finished stock.

Shooting ties with emblem are an important element of the traditional shooting uniform and are worn by members of shooting clubs in Germany and other countries. These ties are often in the colors of the respective shooting club and adorned with an emblem or logo.

Shooting ties with emblem: style and identity for shooting clubs

Shooting ties with emblem are typically made of high-quality materials such as silk or wool and are available in a variety of designs. Some ties have striking patterns or motifs, while others are more simple and plain.

The purpose of this green shooting tie is to symbolize the cohesion and identity of the members of a shooting club. In many shooting clubs, the tie is considered an important part of the uniform and must be worn on official occasions.

To ensure that these ties remain in good condition, it is important to care for them properly. It is recommended to hand wash the ties or take them to the dry cleaners to avoid damage or discoloration. Storing the ties in a dry and cool place can also help them last longer.

Another important factor in caring for a shooting tie with an emblem is its proper handling. Ties should never be tied too tightly to avoid damage or distortion of the fabric. Additionally, care should be taken not to wear them too often to avoid unnecessary strain on the tie fibers.

In summary, it can be said that our shooting ties with emblems could play an important role in the identity and sense of belonging of shooting clubs. To ensure that they remain in good condition, they should be regularly maintained and properly treated. With the right care, shooting ties can be worn for years and still look good.

We can customize production for you starting from a minimum quantity of just 50 pieces to meet your needs. Contact us below using the provided form. Elastic shooting tie is also possible.

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Shooting Ties with Emblem
Shooting Ties with Emblem


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