Ladies sets customized, advantages of ordering from us as a manufacturer?

  • Exclusivity: We create an exclusive ladies set design just for you. Guarantee it will not be used again.
  • Size: We manufacture the size you need, everything is custom-made!
  • Material: Silk, polyester, cotton, blended fabric, cashmere, mohair.
  • Quality control: Your ladies sets will be produced in accordance with your expectations and requirements.
  • Production: Italy, Spain large quantities also in Asia with consistent quality (depending on quantity).
  • Minimum quantity: 50 pieces custom-made. 10 pieces embellished for stock items.
  • Price: Orders with us are usually cheaper, we produce ourselves.
  • Customer service: Real support from real people in your native language.
    Production time: Approximately 14-30 days made to measure, 14 days for finished stock.

Women's sets consisting of multiple accessories or products can be a great gift idea and also a way to complete an outfit. These sets can consist of different accessories or products to meet the needs and style of the woman.

Women's sets in various colors

A women's set could, for example, consist of a scarf and a perfume bottle. The scarf can be made of materials such as silk or cotton and come in different colors and patterns to match various outfits. The perfume bottle can contain a scented perfume that complements the woman's preferences and outfit.

Another women's set could consist of a women's scarf and a personalized watch. The women's scarf can be made from various materials such as silk, cotton, or linen and available in different colors and patterns. The personalized watch can be engraved with a name or special message to create a unique gift.

A women's set could also include earrings and a matching bracelet or necklace. The earrings can be made from various materials and shapes, such as stones, pearls, or metal. The bracelet or necklace can complement the design of the earrings and together form a cohesive and stylish set.

Overall, women's sets offer a great opportunity to combine various accessories and products to create a unique and practical gift or outfit accessory. There are many ways to combine the products and accessories in a set to meet the needs and preferences of the woman.

Women's sets available in only 50 pieces. Contact us below with the provided form.

For women who love the special: Our high-quality sets for women, we put them together. - Tie Solution GmbH

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